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Elaine Ito

John Guinan was very helpful when I contacted him about purchasing long term care insurance.  I was referred to him by my husband, who had purchased LTC insurance with him several years prior.  He met with me and gave a detailed presentation on LTC insurance, making sure I understood all the provisions in the plans.  He was professional, patient and very knowledgeable. He did an analysis based on my needs to assess which products would be right for me.  He also helped me compare policy proposals from other vendors.  When I needed a little more time to make a final decision, he made some billing adjustments to accommodate me. He has been responsive, following up on phone calls and emails in a timely manner.  I have had a very good experience working with him.

Kelly Johnson

John Guinan is great to work with. He has a thorough knowledge of long term care insurance and shows and communicates his belief in the importance of his product. I very much appreciate his calmness and professionalism when things don't exactly go right. When I changed jobs, my policy lapsed in the transition when it turned out my new employer does not allow for the premium to be taken out of my paycheck, even though my policy is portable. The check I sent to the insurer was misplaced by the company, who then cancelled my policy.  John kept me calm and did everything to orchestrate getting my policy reinstated without any disruption to my coverage.

Leah A.

John's expertise in the area of long term care insurance was appreciated as he helped me find the best plan to meet my needs. He was able to inform me of discounts that I was eligible for, as well. He has always been detailed oriented and attentive to my needs as they come up. He is readily available to answer any questions and explain options. John is easy going and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking long term care insurance.

Aaron Novodvorsky

John was very helpful in the planning of my second long term care policy. My father, in his wise planning, had two separate long term care policies which picked up 2/3 of his care has his dementia progressed from Memory Care, to Nursing Home to passing away in 2015. His legacy drove me to establish a second policy for myself to better care for my family's future. Because I had overseen my father's care and managed his finances since 2008, I knew what features and coverage I wanted in my second policy. John was very helpful in reviewing the best options that most closely fit my long term care wants and needs. Thanks for all your help, John.

Jonathan Hall, Esq.

John was extremely helpful in helping my wife and I purchase a long-term care insurance policy, and has always been available to answer questions we have had. His positive attitude and helpful guidance has impressed us greatly.

Robert T Hiatt

It has been a genuine pleasure to work with John. He patiently explains subject matter that can be complex and difficult to comprehend. In fact, he made a special visit to our home to go over again matters that had become foggy to us. Besides having complete control over the subject matter at hand, John is also very engaging, thoughtful and pleasant.

Diana Smith

I had the pleasure of meeting John Guinan six years ago when I was looking for information regarding long term health insurance. John came to my home and I found him to be very personable as well as very knowledgeable regarding long term health insurance. He took all the time necessary to explain everything and answer all of my questions and concerns. At no time did I feel pressured into purchasing a policy through him. I highly recommend John!

Lynne Mills

I have been a client of John's for a number of years and have found him to be a wonderful resource when it comes to long term care insurance. He helped me to find an insurance solution that fit both my financial and personal needs. I would certainly recommend John for anyone seeking counsel for long term care financial planning.

Bob & Diane Reinitz

Buying our insurance through John was a good experience. He explained what all the different options were in an easy to understand way. Any questions we had were answered in a clear and timely fashion. We would definitely recommend John to anyone seeking out insurance.

Dr. Wadad Kadi

John Guinan has the rare ability of mixing efficiency with a gentle and caring attitude. Highly knowledgeable and genuinely concerned about his client's welfare, he patiently looks into all the options available and discusses them candidly with the client, explaining in detail the pros and cons of every option. He offers his advice gently, and follows up up on the development of things even after the client has signed off on one policy or another. When questions arise later, he is always available and ready to answer questions. Working with him, thus, makes one confident about his choices and future plans. It is also very pleasant, since he does his work with both cheerfulness and polish.

Dale Pippin

John is a wonderful resource for all of your long term care insurance needs. Clear, concise, extremely knowledgeable, and thoughtful, John was indispensable in helping me determine what I needed, and why I needed it. I would not hesitate to recommend John to anyone.

Mike & Dawn Spencer

John has been very helpful and knowledgeable on our journey of purchasing long term care insurance. We feel a burden has been lifted to know that we will be able to leave something for our children and not have to spend it all on long term care. John has been very professional and has done a wonderful job helping us understand the whole process without us feeling any pressure what so ever. I know if I need anything, John is just a phone call away.

Rod & Jan Fischer

We had concerns about our estate preservation since we hoped to help our two adult children in the future.  After witnessing the cost involved with our own parents we knew we had to have a plan in place.  John explained the positives as well as the negatives involved with purchasing various long term care insurance policies.  After a conversation with John he presented a solution that eased our concerns in the event we needed care.  It is comforting to know that our family can enjoy the fruits of our labor.  The policy that John recommended for our situation addressed our concerns and fits our budget.  John gets in contact with us periodically to check if there are changes in our family that impact our care objectives.  Our calls are returned in a very short time if he is not available.  Working with John is a pleasure.

Lisa & Tim Neary

John was terrific to work with.  He is extremely friendly, yet highly professional.  I appreciated his positive, high-energy, fun attitude.  When my husband and I first talked about Long Term Care Insurance, I was unfamiliar with it and somewhat skeptical.  John came to our house, with excellent information and financial facts.  He's extremely knowledgable and genuinely focused on finding a strategic solution that will work for his clients.  That being said, I also am convinced that had we decided not to go with Long Term Care Insurance, he would have been nothing but gracious.  I'm glad we decided to go with the LT Care insurance, and I'm glad John was the person we worked with to get it.  I trust him, and I knew we were in good hands.

Wendy M.

John was quite helpful in providing guidance for the right long term policy for my needs; he is trustworthy and knowledgeable of the product.  I am so glad I purchased the plan and would recommend John highly to others.  Over the years, if I had a question he was always available with a quick response and call back.  Both my brother and parents used their long term care policy so I am glad that I purchased one for myself.

Reverend & Mrs. Kenneth Burg

John is a wonderful person. He guided my wife Jane and I through the process of purchasing long-term care insurance. He is extremely knowledgeable about the coverage, and explained it all to us in a way that we could make a great decision. We did not feel pressured, but rather respected. John is a true professional and I would recommend him to anyone (already have!).

Jay Hatch, Ph.D.

I am very grateful for John's expert help. He spent a great deal of time helping me decide on a plan that best fit my needs and budget.  In fact, after much investment of his time, he discovered that my place of employment actually offered a package that he could not better. Without a moment's hesitation he recommended that I go with my employer's option.  That option ended before I enrolled.  I came back to John after more than a year, and he was able to find something that I feel is excellent.  In my experience, it is very unusual to find someone who is as knowledgeable as John, who listens as well as he does, and who is as trustworthy.

Anne Fox

Mr. Guinan was very helpful in finding a long term health care insurance plan. He had to do some extra work after I was denied one plan, but he came through. I am very satisfied with the plan he found. I appreciate his birthday cards. He is always very pleasant and accommodating in our discussions. I would be very happy to recommend his service to any of my friends and family.

Brian & Nancy McElmurry

When John first started presenting to us, I noticed his clear speech and excellent grammar and sentence structure. I thought this must just be a well-rehearsed script he was reciting, but when we asked questions and John responded, I noticed that his diction, grammar and sentence structure still were well polished, with no “ums” and “ahhs” needed. I was impressed. We were considering various options for LTC, including not only traditional LTC insurance but also some other investments that provide LTC benefits. There are advantages and disadvantages any way you cut it. John made no secret of his preference, but he was not giving a hard sell. On the contrary, he was gentle and patient as we asked questions and even as we consulted others and considered the competing options. John was straightforward with information about LTC insurance, answering our questions and inviting more.

Dennis & Darlene Dahle

My wife and I recently purchased long term care insurance through John Guinan. He took a considerable amount of care to present the details surrounding the policies that we ultimately purchased and was very prompt and reliable when it came to scheduling our meetings and has followed up to ensure that our needs were met.

Tom Howard

I have had a Long-Term Care policy with John Hancock since 2011. I acquired this policy through John Guinan after evaluating two other LTC programs. I was very pleased with the coverage options available, but what really sold me on John Hancock was the outstanding customer service provided by their Minnesota representative John Guinan. John was genuinely interested in getting to know my wife and me well enough to craft a policy that suited our specific needs and preferences. He took the time to explain the various alternatives, allowed me to ask "what-if" questions, revised his proposal in response to some push-back, and walked us through the execution of the policy. John has continued to provide excellent customer service after we relocated out of his geographic area; one example: analyzing LTC costs in our new location and making policy suggestions based on that new information. Without hesitation, I would recommend John Guinan to anyone evaluating long-term care insurance and considering John Hancock as the carrier.

Keith & Marva Morehead

John was everything that we hoped to see when seeking long term care coverage: prompt, considerate, thoughtful, knowledgeable, succinct, respectful, and dependable. He did everything he said he would and provided what we needed without any pressure. He was the REAL deal.

Sally Weddel

John was so helpful to me when researching LTC Insurance. I didn't know much about it and he was very helpful and diligent about finding me the best fit. I highly recommend John as his professionalism is outstanding!

Kim Bingham, Esq.

I had a great experience with John when I was considering long term care insurance. I knew very little about it and he took the time to explain why I should consider it as part of my financial planning.  He gave me choices of plans and explained not only the costs but how the market has changed and what the studies were about how often this is needed. I had been under the impression that folks used this insurance towards the end of their life.  I was surprised to hear it was used more often in a rehab way of an injury.  It's not cheap but John was very practical and not a hard sell.  He gave options to insure coverage without breaking the bank. I found him to be very informed of his product and acted as an educator rather than someone in sales. I have been very satisfied with working with him.
John Guinan was very helpful when I contacted him about purchasing long term care insurance.  I was referred to him by my husband, who had purchased LTC insurance with him several years prior.  He… Read More

Elaine Ito

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