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New Long-Term Care Trend: Seniors Caring for Super-Senior Parents

John Guinan, long-term care specialist, recommends an article on an unexpected consequence of the longevity revolution

AgentMendota Heights, MN July 10, 2019 -- In July of 2019, the New York Times published an article, At 75, Taking Care of Mom, 99. "Millions should read this," says John Guinan, MN-based agent with ACSIA Partners LLC. "It documents a new reality of our time."

"As more Americans make it past 90 and develop care needs late in life," Guinan continues, "their children, the logical caregivers, will be older too. They will be 65-plus with retirement and care-planning needs of their own."

The article tells of a retired art teacher, Lynda, 75, whose present full-time job is caring for her widowed 99-year-old mother, Yetta. Although lucid and relatively healthy, Yetta nevertheless needs help bathing, preparing meals, and taking medications. Lynda gets some respite by hiring home health aides, but they need to be scheduled and managed. Yetta can get around by herself in a wheelchair, but needs Lynda's help getting into and out of it.

Lynda loves her mother and does not begrudge caring for her, but the costs have included --

"Living longer is a good thing," says Guinan, "but it has a downside. We need to face it and deal with it."

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